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Monday, August 22, 2011

Top 5 Alif Baa Taa Videos for Kids

Let's face it our children are youtube generations and they (and us too!) can spend hours in front of the computers for entertainment, so why not use that time to educate them as well? I find that youtube videos are excellent in teaching my kids letters, shapes, numbers, animals, various forms of transportation and a whole range of concepts and vocabularies. The trick is, of course to know what to search for.

Among other things that I would like to teach my sons are the arabic alphabets or hijaiyah letters. There lots of them on youtube but they are either too long and boring, awful voiceover or of bad quality. Below are some of my favorites after screening a whole lot of videos. Hope they are of use to you as they are to me :)

My son's top favorite:

A relatively new animation to the popular malaysian alif ba ta nasyeed:

I love this, fast and catchy BUT comes with Egyptian slang:

Fast paced but might be a wee bit too long as they try to illustrate each arabic letter : 

Simple enough but the frames might distract your kids from the letters: 

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  1. videos are not displaying ... plz provide the links of these videos...