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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Travelling With Kids - What to Plan For

Mothers of small kids all know too well how tiresome it can be travelling with small children especially since they can't sit still when it is required. And my heart always go out to the parents of kids screaming or crying in planes or trains.

To make sure that the travel is fun for the kids and stress free for us, below are suggested items to bring when travelling with kids.

  1. Enough diapers, wipes, plastic bag ( for putting in soiled diapers when the rubbish bins are not accessible) a small towel (for wiping vomit etc)  and tissue papers 
  2. a change of clothes - absolutely essential if your kids have a tendency to puke after running around like mine or like to mess about with food
  3. milk powder, 1-2 small drink, some easy to eat milk chocolates / pastilles / baby biscuits, the latter is more for travelling in planes during take offs or landing to ease their ear pressure as eating or drinking will get them to swallow their saliva. If your baby is too small to eat, you can give him some honey water to alleviate the ear pressure.
  4. Ipod/laptop/dvd player with their favorite videos enough to last the journey (be sure to charge the appliances the night before travelling)
  5. other activities to distract them during take off and landings as these require them to sit still in their seat and no electrical devices are allowed. My fave activities are:

  • sticker books especially with animals and alphabets (pick ones which your kid is interested in)
  • a small notebook and a few markers
  • a lift the flap storybook or activity book with magnets 
  • puzzles - cubed ones are great as they have a few different puzzles that your kids can play.
  • hand puppets or small soft toy
Magnetic Books; Billy The Bear by Top That Publishing

Magnetic Book Funny Monsters by Top That Publishing available at Singapore Popular Bookstores

Pack everything in a lightweight backpack and stow it under the seat for easy access. Make sure that it isn't too heavy for you! 

Happy Travelling!

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